Product Detail
Double arm elevators
Model No: DD series: SH series
Load Capacity: 30~150 Tons
Length: 600~2100mm
Transport Package: Wooden case
HS Code: 84314310
Country of origin: China

SH double arm links are designed for light loads. Perfection links are made by forging, bending and electric welding of high-quality steel bar stock, which is then heat-treated and NDT examined, perfection links are proof load tested to 1.5 times the working load. Each perfection link of one pair is marked with Serial Number for traceability. All the technical data and properties of perfection links completely conform to the requirements of API Spec 8C.
Rating loads of perfection links series are 50 ton, 65ton and 75ton. For perfection links rated 100 ton or 150ton, contact manufacturer to order.
For perfection link compatibility purpose, not to use perfection links which have a capacity too low for carrying the load intended (dynamic+static), Warranty period of perfection links is 12 months from the date of field service or 18 months from date of shipment.
Specifications data for regular perfection links are provided as follows, orders of perfection links for field service are available.

                                                     perfection links.jpg

Main Parameters

Rated Load30ton40ton50ton65ton75ton100ton150ton


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