Product Detail

Kill Manifold

Working Pressure: 2000~20000PSI
Material Grade: AA~FF
Temperature Grade: LU
Product Specification Level: PSL1~PSL4
Performance Requirement: PR1,PR2
Brand: Wise Channel
Nonimal Diameter: 2 1/16"~4 1/16"

1. Application

In case of increase in well head pressure, the kill manifold can provide a means of pumping heavy drilling fluid into the well to balance bottom hole pressure so that well kick and blowout can be prevented. In this case, by using blow down lines connected to the kill manifold, the increasing well head pressure also can be released directly for bottom hole pressure release, or water and extinguishing agent can be injected into the well by means of the kill manifold. The check valves on the kill manifold only allow injection of kill fluid or other fluids into the well bore through themselves, but don’t allow any back follow so as to perform the kill operation or other operations.

2. Structure

   The kill manifold consists of check valves, gate valves, pressure gauges and pipelines. The one end of the kill manifold is connected to the drilling spool and the other end is connected to pump. The kill manifold and choke manifold are both designed as per API16C and can be used together. The kill manifold is available from 2000psi,3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi pressure rating.

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