Product Detail

Mud valve

Working Pressure: 2000~20000PSI
Material Grade: AA~FF
Temperature Grade: LU
Product Specification Level: PSL1~PSL4
Performance Requirement: PR1,PR2
Brand: Wise Channel

Mud valve manufactured by Jikai has the features of reliability, safety, heavy load and corrosion resistance, which is used for a number of oilfield applications.

There are two models of sealing mechanism in Jikai mud valve, which are metal to metal seal and rubber seal.

Feature of metal to metal seal mud valve:

Spray coating the seal face of gate and seat with hard alloy, which has long service life;

Easy to check the status of valve due to rising stem structure;

Change stem packing without removal of bonnet;

On site maintenance design allows checking the situation of internal parts by opening bonnet and changing valve parts without removing it from pipeline.

Feature of rubber-seal mud valve:

All parts are interchangeable with DEMCO gate valve manufactured by Cameron;

On site repair ability:

the bonnet is easily removed for internal parts inspection and/or replacement without removing the valve from the line;this simple way permits fast and easy service without the need of special tools’

Design of floating gate:

A slab gate with T slot stem connection allows the gate to float to the seat providing a tighter pressure seal.

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