Product Detail

Casing head

Working Pressure: 2000~20000PSI
Material Grade: AA~FF
Temperature Grade: LU
Product Specification Level: PSL1~PSL4
Performance Requirement: PR1,PR2
Brand: Wise Channel

Applicable for hanging the casing string, sealing the annular space between the casing. Structure: integral or multi layers.

1. Both top and bottom connections are API6A flange, and the flanges are provided with locking bolts;

2. Casing hangers has straight type seat bore and 45° cone of hanging shoulder, with strong loading ability;

3. Structure type of the matched casing hanger; slip or mandrel(thread);

4. Outlet connection can be thread, bolted flange;

5. Secondary seal mechanism(“O”seal, BT seal or metal-metal seal)are set at the bottom of casing head and casing spool;

6. Lubricator, test port;

7. Bottom connection can be threaded, welding or slip.

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