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XQ Series Workover Hydraulic Power Tongs


The close-head power tong is used for quick make-up/break-out well service operation. The tong has the following features:

1. Without changing any part within 2 3/8"~3 1/2";
2. Long sevice life;
3. Equipped with   conventonal, less teethmark or   none- teethmark tong head;
4. Backup tong clamp the bottom of coupling, effectively avoid thread gluing;
5. can be equipped extended guide, for backup tong to clamp the tubing;
6. Can be equipped with torque control system.


ModelXQ89/3YC   XQ114/6YB   XQ140/12YA    XQ140/12YC
Range of main tong2 3/8"~3 1/2"2 7/8"~4 1/2"2 7/8"~5 1/2"
Range of backup tong2 3/8"~4 1/2"3 1/2"~5 1/8"3 1/2"~6 1/8"
Rated torque of high gear1100N.m1500N.m2600N.m
Rated troque of low gear3000N.m6000N.m120000N.m
Rated speed of high gear90 r/min85 r/min72 r/min
Rated speed of low gear30 r/min20 r/min14 r/min
Rated system pressure10MPa11Mpa12Mpa
Maxiumum flow80L/min100L/min120L/min

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