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BH30000 high pressure pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters. Just compare the crankshaft speed, average plunger speed, plunger diameter and power rating.


Power rating up to 280KW.
Horizontal 3 cylinders design
Stainless steel pump head free of alternating stress
Spring preloaded high pressure sealing make it longer life
Solid ceramic plunger to ensure high strength and stable operation
An optional plunger cooling system can be used to enhance the seal life
The designed built-in reducer helps to improve transmission efficiency
Special design of the crankcase magnetic filter
Crankcase splash lubrication
An integrated ball type liquid inlet valve design, greatly improving the efficiency of fluid mechanics
Computational fluid design in dynamic load to ensure the highest reliability under max duty working conditions
The crankshaft is made of a high strength forging process and is specially treated

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