WELLHEAD EQUIPMENT

Wise Channel Wellhead has engineered a frac valve product line that is specifically designed for the demanding conditions present in multi-stage frac operations. The results of these innovative features are more up time and less costly equipment repairs.





The skid-mounted manifolds are flexible and tailored to location space conditions. They can be configured in multiple arrangements to minimize erosion and manipulate flow to multiple wells according to designed velocity, frac line size and characteristics of the wellbore.

Our horizontal ‘zipper’ manifolds can be completely assembled and tested at our branch facilities, minimizing field installation time. And, Wise Channel zipper manifolds are engineered based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of components to counteract the effects of sand and frac slurry erosion. Connections are positioned safely within reach and minimize the need for harnesses or manlifts. Manifold valves are positioned for optimum sealing and ultimate performance.

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