Product Detail
Annular BOP(SL Type)
Working Pressure: 5000~20000PSI
Material Grade: AA~FF
Temperature Grade: LU
Product Specification Level: PSL1~PSL4
Performance Requirement: PR1,PR2
Brand: Wise Channel

Wise Channel   offers a wide range of annular and ram type BOP. Our BOPs are widely used on surface and subsea.
They are manufactured in accordance with API specifacations 16A latest edition.
1)Seal element molded with two different styles of inserts to reduce closing volume and increase closing cycles.
2)Replacement wear place that eliminates metal contact between the seal element inserts and the BOP head.
3)A piston design that provides complete balance more reliable operation and ease of assembly.
4)A latched head for fast, easy access to the seal element and wear seals.
5)An opening chamber head hat prevents debris from falling into the chambers when replacing the seal element.
6)Inner sleeve is bolted to the body that eliminates the difficulties in repair, and it is field replaceable.

Bore Size and Working Pressure :
7-1/16″       5,000 psi
7-1/16″       10,000 psi
11″           5,000 psi
11″           10,000 psi
11″           15,000 psi
11″           20,000 psi
13-5/8″       5,000 psi
13-5/8″       10,000 psi
MSP    21-1/4″       2,000 psi
MSP    29-1/2″       500 psi
Body Style :   Single

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